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Mediratta Foundation is committed to helping people at the bottom of the pyramid to gain enough expertise to set up their own MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises). We also work with local Self Help groups and grassroots NGOs to maximise the reach to the needy. We constantly revisit and revise our practices and standards to serve better.



The first step towards entrepreneurship is to be equipped with the right skill, knowledge and methodology. Since each individual possesses a different set of skills and experience, we provide customized technical assistance and knowledge to help them identify & create work modules that are structured and tuned to their desired set of business. We handhold them through the developmental stage till they gain a better understanding of the business process.

This program is targeted towards MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) that are at a nascent state and also where the business has reached a saturation point. This may also involve upskilling to master or remaster your craft.



Our aim is to help the micro-entrepreneurs develop a holistic approach to business as most of them may be experts in their own craft but lack the knowledge to run a successful business. This includes formalization and growth of MSME (micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises) including access to banking, insurance, financial and digital services for all.

E.g., with the Covid-19 pandemic and eventual lockdown, most businesses are switching to online mode. This has resulted in great loss for the micro-entrepreneurs. This is where Mediratta Foundation comes in – we provided them with converting their business to go digital that included a social media presence, receipt of online payments etc., and training them in basic social media outreach. 


As per our Prime Minister’s guidelines, we are promoting vocal-for-local by helping entrepreneurs to reinvent old crafts and turn them into successful businesses.

We conduct awareness programs like educating the masses about early child marriages, teen pregnancy, Menstruation for girls, drug & alcohol abuse etc. These outreach programs are designed and developed as per the need of the local community that we work in. Our focus is to support women to nurture their entrepreneurship dreams while navigating the maze of managing their households and taking care of the family.

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